PROGRAMme Final Workshop

Day 1

Posted on July 3, 2022

I have already published some notes on the HaPoP-5 conference, here are more notes from the accompanying PROGRAMme workshop. Tomas Petricek and Liesbeth de Mol kindly asked me to take part in the workshop as a respondent for one of the presentations, of which I am most grateful to them! Note the goal of the PROGRAMme program (!) is to publish a - possibly constantly evolving - book to answer the question “What is a computer program?” This book currently lives in a private wiki as it’s still a work-in-progress, with lot of unfinished chapters.

Day 1 - PROGRAMme

What is a computer program? An anti-disciplinary view

presented by Liesbeth De Mol

I wholeheartedly support the intention of breaking the barriers disciplines erect around them, a process leading to the over-specialisation which has dire consequences on the whole of humanity. I think it’s Gunther Anders who introduced the moral imperative that one should fullly understand the consequences of his or her actions as part of a system, or refrain from undertaking them. That software is both a boon and bane is now quite obvious and rethinking our, and others’, relationship to programs, programming, and software is an important task to carry out.

Classifying programs

presented by Baptiste Mélès

Like most of the chapters, this is a work-in-progress about which I don’t have much to say.

Logic – a declaration of independence?

presented by Giuseppe Primiero

I enjoyed how far we can get applying the Motherland/colonies pattern to CS and programming history. There is still this “provincial” feeling within CS w.r.t. Mathematics and Logic. It’s not uncommon for programmers with strong math background to grow some form of superiority complex regarding their inferior brethens, the “mere” programmers and this attitude is especially rife in the FP circles. Putting the bonds between logic and programming in perspective, realising that type theory or formal methodes are just one aspect of programs, is an important work to carry out.

Notations. There is no escape

presented by Tomas Petricek

Note: These notes are a mix of things from the chapter presented by Tomas and my own response to it. See the slides.

Machines – Hide and seek

presented by Maarten Bullynck

Systems – the system if dead! Long live the system.