Weekly Review - Week 20

Posted on May 22, 2017

This post is a summary of links related to coding and software I followed and read (sometimes, skimmed over) in the past week. Its purpose is both to serve as a high-level personal log and as a potential source of interesting (or not so interesting) links. Entries are provided in no particular order with minimal comments…

2017-05-09 Tuesday

A Functional Programmer’s Guide to Homotopy Type Theory - YouTube

Nice introduction to HoTT from a programmer’s perspective, with an example application from patch theory

2017-05-10 Wednesday

Condorcet Internet Voting Service

An online implementation of Condorcet’s voting system which uses voters’ ranking to select the result which is the most acceptable for all voters. Maybe the result of French Presidential elections would be best modelled with such a system…

A Neighborhood of Infinity: Cofree meets Free

Great blog post which triggered David Laing’s series of posts and talks and my own work on hdo a library to interact with Digital Ocean’s API


Another theoretical look at Shannon’s entropy

2017-05-11 Thursday

The most important metric you’ll ever need | Barry O’Reilly

Emphasizes the importance of learning in those day and age

Self Contained Systems (SCS): Microservices Done Right

I am not a great fan of XYZ done right style of blog posts which have a natural tendency to decay over time. This one suggests a somewhat disciplined approach on microservices that is interesting.

2017-05-15 Monday

free.dvi - wadler.pdf

While preparing my talk, I thought this classical paper from Wadler could be a good example of abstraction done right!

On Free Monads – Pere Villega

An explanation (in Scala) of Free monads and what they are useful for

Bits or pieces?: Adoption cycles

Sarcastic post from Simon Wardley on how large organisations adopt emerging technologies

Tous artisans au 21ème siècle ? – WillBe Group – Medium

Merci à Ronan pour le lien sur ce très bon article consacré au futur de l’artisanat. A mettre en regard de Travail : la révolution Remote – WillBe Group – Medium. Il y a aussi un talk

2017-05-17 Wednesday


An English and partial version of Simondon’s classical book

MOO home page

Thinking of usign a MOO as a communication channel to replace Slack for Artisans du logiciel

2017-05-18 Thursday

Literate programming: Knuth is doing it wrong

I stumbled upon this blog post while attending Matthias Noback’s session on Living Documentation. Literate programming would seem to make a lot of sense when one thinks about documenting software, yet it did not stick outside of academia. This post suggests improvements that could help literate programming go mainstream. This post lead me to Wikilon which appears to be some attempt at building an interactive programming system along the line of Bret Victor’s Learnable Programming

2017-05-20 Saturday

Coeffects: Context-aware programming languages

I had the pleasure to meet Tomas Petricek (apologies for missing diacritics…) at NewCrafts. This page is another attempt at providing living software instead of dead web pages to help people learn new concepts by playing with them.

Badness 10.000 - Escaping Hell with Monads

Another explanation of why monad is a good abstraction