Weekly Review - Week 18

Posted on May 8, 2017

This post is a summary of links related to coding and software I followed and read (sometimes, skimmed over) in the past week. Its purpose is both to serve as a high-level personal log and as a potential source of interesting (or not so interesting) links. Entries are provided in no particular order with minimal comments…

2017-05-01 Monday

99 Bottles of Beer

I managed to complete my Idris implementation of the 99 Bottles of Beer classical Kata. This attempt was triggered by a discussion on Slack over Sandi Metz’s book which a couple of friends have read and is apparently excellent.

2017-05-02 Tuesday

Corfu: A distributed shared log | the morning paper

Very interesting paper about an implementation of a distributed strongly consistent persistent log, something handy when one wants to implement event sourcing. The code is open-sourced as CorfuDB/CorfuDB and there is a recent follow-up I did not delve into yet.

Ask HN: What is the biggest untapped opportunity for startups? | Hacker News

I found it funny the first answer to this question is exactly what I am trying to do with Dr.Code: Short consulting sessions to help teams get over thorny issues or have access to affordable expert knowledge and skills.

Extreme Programming Rules

Back to basics… XP is still unsurpassed as a coherent set of guidelines and practices for software development.

2017-05-03 Wednesday

Multi-Stage Docker Builds for Creating Tiny Go Images

Something I have been doing by hand for couple of years now and which is now a supported feature of docker: Use several containers in your build to trim down images size.

Lambdas — Gordon 0.6.0 documentation

I have been working last year on using Haskell to deploy AWS Lambda functions, a work that has been superseded by qmuli which aims at packaging properly Haskell executables and manage the workflow. Gordon does just that for officially supported runtimes.

2017-05-04 Thursday

How to Make an Emacs Minor Mode « null program

I am thinking of writing an proper indentation mode for a proprietary language I am working with and looked up what support Emacs provide for doing so. Still looks a bit daunting unfortunately.

2017-05-05 Friday

(13) 2 10 Elaborator Reflection: Extending Idris in Idris - YouTube

Talk about using built-in elaborator engine in Idris to extend the language, similar to what one can achieve using Template Haskell.

Is Fit Dead? A debate on Twitter | Eric Lefevre-Ardant on Java & Agile

It looks there is not much debate going on anymore on BDD/ATDD and I am not sure whether this is due to the fact it is now considered mainstream or has been dropped altogether. I have always been a big fan of FitNesse and Executable Specifications approach but this is something that requires a lot of energy to setup properly on a project. Not all teams and settings are ready to invest the time to build a common language across developers and business analysts.

2017-05-07 Sunday

NStack - Composable Data Analytics

An interesting new proposal in the distributed computing space, implemented in Haskell. I am however not a big fan of having to use a custom language instead of an already existing scripting or programming language to describe workflows. Code is available on github: nstack/nstack: Type-safe, composable microservices for data analytics

Exercice n°1: renverser pour mieux voir - Simone et les philosophes

Exercer son esprit critique en commencant par le plus évident et le plus méconnu : les inégalités homme-femme.