Weekly Review - Week 15

Posted on April 17, 2017

This post is a summary of links related to coding and software I followed and read (sometimes, skimmed over) in the past week. Its purpose is both to serve as a high-level personal log and as a potential source of interesting (or not so interesting) links. Entries are provided in no particular order with minimal comments…

2017-04-10 Monday

qmuli/qmuli: Qmuli - Serverless framework for Haskell

While preparing my talk about configuration management with Haskell, I went back to this fascinating idea: Execute Haskell code over AWS Lambda.

2017-04-11 Tuesday

Problem 1 - Project Euler

Thinking about building something like Project Euler but dedicated to philosophical questions…

2017-04-12 Wednesday

run emacs.app or emacsclient on Mac OS X

Still working on getting a decent emacsclient-based setup on Mac

Getting the source directory of a Bash script from within - Stack Overflow

Surprisingly not straightforward esp. if one wants to take care of all corner cases


Back to AIME project while working on my talk for newCrafts. Most of the links below are residuals from a trail of surfing the web starting from trying to better understand the TEC/REF crossing and following references from there

What Is Object-Oriented Ontology? A Quick-and-Dirty Guide to the Philosophical Movement Sweeping the Art World | Art for Sale | Artspace

It seems there exists something called Object-Oriented Ontology or OOO for short which is quite an earth-shaking news to learn for a former OO programmer slowly shifting towards FP. Maybe there is some reverse movement going on in the field of metaphysics and speculative philosophy where people coming from a purely logical framework (aka. classical logic, logical positivism, intuitionism…) would move towards an object-oriented approach. Seems mostly relevant and very active in the aesthetics.


This one I read in more details, the author being somewhat supportive of OOO but apparently with some peculiar twists:

Category Theory proofs in Idris - sitr.us

Using Idris to institute a Categorical framework and make proofs with it


Byzantine fault-tolerant distributed consensus is the algorithmic problem at the heart of blockchains. This article claims to reach tens of thousands of TPS with its implementation of BFT consensus in Java. There quite a few companies like Symbiont.io building upon this technology to provide so-called “smart contracts” capabilities.

Remote work: For programmers, the ultimate office perk is avoiding the office entirely — Quartz

Another nail in the coffin of office work?

The economics of software correctness | David R. MacIver and The Rise of ``Worse is Better’’

Those two articles go hand in hand…

2017-04-13 Thursday

Le réalisme kitsch | Zilsel

Une critique du nouveau réalisme dont le réalisme spéculatif qui a parti lié avec l’Ontologie Orientée-Objet dont je parle plus haut. Ainsi que de Latour, Meillassoux, Garcia et autres philosophes post-post-modernes.

sdkmanager | Android Studio

On a more practical matter, I paired with Bernard on setting up an environment for mobile apps development based on Cordova. Setting this up is less straightforward than one would like and requires things like installing the Intel® Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (Intel® HAXM)

OCaml Calendar FAQ

Working on a follow-up to my first post mixing DDD and Type DD, I started shaving some yak: Implement a (naive) dependently-typed date module in Idris. I got a gentle reminder in this SO question that handling dates correctly is extremely challenging, as this detailed post on dates handling from an OCaml library exposes.

Spotify’s Love/Hate Relationship with DNS

How Spotify leverages DNS in its microservices architecture

2017-04-14 Friday

The Twilight of Becoming (and Process) | Naught Thought

Another post related to my exploration of OOO.

2017-04-15 Saturday

The Programmers’ Stone » Implications for Software Engineers

I don’t know how I stumbled on this blog which seems to be an online version of a book. Some more comments on C2 wiki… Looks like yet another instance of “developers are special” and “there are 10x programmers” myths, resting on some midly interesting research results from neurosciences related to Kahneman’s work on behavioural economics.

the wackids

And now for something different: A rock band playing rock classics on toy instruments!

Arnaud Bailly - Sur “Critique de la raison pure” (2)

Published notes from last year’s reading of Kant’s CRP

2017-04-16 Sunday

Hexing the technical interview and Typing the technical interview

Two fantastic posts from Kyle Kingsbury of Jepsen fame, demonstrating the breadth and depth of his knowledge of computer systems, from writing bytecode in clojure to type-level programming in Haskell

Régler sa vie more geometrico: Spinoza

Comment s’inspirer de l’Éthique ?