Weekly Review - Week 14

Posted on April 9, 2017

This post is a summary of links related to coding and software I followed and read (sometimes, skimmed over) in the past week. Its purpose is both to serve as a high-level personal log and as a potential source of interesting (or not so interesting) links. Entries are provided in no particular order with minimal comments…

Exrm Releases · Phoenix

While pairing with Bernard on Barrel we investigated how to package applications built in Elixir

Magit User Manual

A gentle reminder that magit rocks and I should be using it.

ElixirCheat12 - ElixirCheat.pdf

Elixir’s syntax is quite easy to grasp thanks to its proximity with Ruby, but there are quite a few details I am not familiar with.


A “new” database focusing on providing good foundations for Event Sourced applications. Interestingly, it uses a dialect of Forth language to express queries and operations to be run in the DB Engine.

Certified Programming with Dependent Types | The MIT Press

Looks like this could be a good read given my current strong interest in dependently typed languages. Uses Coq but I suspect this could be equally applicable to Agda and Idris.

Programmable Infrastructure Needs Testing Too - OpenCredo

Good reminder that we should apply the good things we have learnt the hard way from programming when treating infrastructure as code: Test-Driven Development is equally meaningful, if a bit harder to implement. Infrastructure and configuration management is another area where type-driven development shines.

TyDe 2017

If I were still doing research, one workshop I would love to apply for.

Sinclair ZX-81 computer

My first computer…

Salon des Refusés 2017 - ‹Programming› 2017

Thanks to @abolibibelot, this conference’s page provides a wealth of interesting and/or puzzling links on programming


Even if the idea of enhancing code editors to take care of the syntactic structure is not new and has not yet blossomed, this implementation is a good reminder this could be a great tool if done properly

Scène VIII

Sometimes feeling like Cyrano…

Pourquoi tant de profs ne supportent plus Céline Alvarez? | Slate.fr

Céline Alvarez has reached celebrity in 2016 thanks to her book on education, drawn from an experiment she ran for 3 years in Aubervilliers. She has attracted a lot of criticism from professional teachers. It seems to me the relationship between the kind of education she promotes and what it is for 99% of the people is akin to the relationship between what software development is like at companies like Google and what it is for the rest of us…


Added myself to Nantes’ baggers

Color Intelligence - PANTONE Fashion Color Report Spring 2017

@__MaxS__ provided some feedback on the use of colors on Dr.Code and I discovered Pantone issued quarterly reports on which colors are trending! Yet having a good palette does not help you much if you lack any kind of design skill…

Roue chromatique | Modèles de couleurs - Adobe Color CC

Another site to make nice color palettes. Same remark applies here!

Programming is Writing is Programming - writing.pdf

A good read from the already mentioned Salon des refusés. Advocates how close to writing programming is, which implies we programmers should take care of styling issues.


Another somewhat puzzling read from the Salon des refusés. If you are into Social Darwinism and Libertarianism…

Code is not just text – Gregor – Medium

Yet another link from the Salon des refusés

Faré’s Home Page - François-René Rideau - Đặng-Vũ Bân

Home page of the “Creationism” paper’s author.

Literate Programming and Eve

Eve is an experimental language and IDE that “presents an alternative take on what programming could be”. I have always been attracted to such kind of tools that propose to mix text, layout and code, in the spirit of literate programming and notebooks.

puffnfresh/tryidris: Try Idris

An online sandbox to try Idris. Can even compile to Javascript.

tfjmp/php2uni: PHP2Uni

Alternative approach to building unikernels from “standard” languages

Things I Learned Managing Site Reliability for Some of the World’s Busiest Gambling Sites | zwischenzugs

Good read on the importance of process and documentation for operations.