LambdaConf 2018

Posted on June 5, 2018

Rock-Solid Haskell Services

From Zero to Live with Functional Javascript

This 2 hours workshop was given by Ian Thomas, CTO of SkyBet. It was a fast-paced overview on how to build modern javascript applications based on FP principles. The workshop is based on his git repo and builds a complete 12 factor app from the ground up. It contains lot of materials and the session was way too short to get more than a glimpse of it, but it’s definitely interesting material when one wants to build JS-based microservices.

Ian Thomas also gave a keynote on how FP helps break the fear cycle which prevents large code bases from changing.

Seeking Refuge from Unsafe JavaScript

Another workshop dedicated to Functional Javascript, presented by David Chambers. It goes through the various pure FP constructs provided by sanctuary, a library which basically provides Haskell on top of JS. Sanctuary provides algebraic data types and all the classical functions we have come to love from Haskell, and more.