Some Notes on ML in Haskell following MLWeek

Posted on November 6, 2015

From Monday 2/11 to Thursday 5/11 I attended ML Week, a training session lead by Jeff Abrahamson who also organizes the Nantes ML Meetup. This session was great, not only because of its content, mostly an overview of the main techniques available and a hands-on dive into Python’s eco-system to support data analysis, but also because of the discussions we had with other attendees and with Jeff whose depth of knowledge on the subject is truely amazing.

However I was a bit frustrated of not being able to epxlorer the topic using my language of choice, namely Haskell. So I took opportunity of this training to start collecting links and ideas on how to do data analysis and ML in Haskell. Here are a few links and comments on my attempts to map the tools we were using in Python to equivalent things in the Haskell eco-system: