CodeMesh 2017 - Full Notes

Posted on November 10, 2017

Here is a summary and some quick takeaways from this year’s CodeMesh conference. I must say I never had such an intense conference, with lot of fascinating and mind-blowing sessions which brood lots of new or old ideas in my mind. Thanks a lot to the organisers and the amazing speakers which made this event memorable.

Day 1 - Wednesday

Margo Seltzer’s Keynote

Margo Seltzer’s work starts from an observation: Humans get better with practice ; which leads to a question: “Could computers get faster with practice?” This question leads to a research program called Automatically Scalable Architecture which tries to extract information from repeated runs of the same program (fragment) to speed it up. The basic idea goes along the following lines, with lots of details omitted:

Flying Spaghetti Monster


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<file:///Users/arnaud/projects/aleryo/homomorphic-event-sourcing/sources/server/src/server.hs> :: String -> Application

Code Mesh - Wed afternoon

Infinite LAmbda Calculues

The Making of an IO

Collapsing Towers of Interpreters


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2017-11-09 Thursday

More: Systems Programming with Racket

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CodeMesh - Thursday Morning

David Turner - History of PL

Would alien understand λ-calculus?

Haxl - Simon Marlow

CodeMesh - Thursday Afternoon

Relational interpreters

COde and architecture

Building Distr Systems